Mr. Rafique

Commander Group
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First of all I myself and all the people working at COMMANDER GROUP are highly obliged and grateful to Almighty ALLAH for the success and blessings bestowed on us since its establishment in 1996. I cannot help but regard with wonder the events that have transpired over 25 years of my association with this Group. Our Corporate Profile is much stronger today than ever in our past. We do more for our clients than ever in our past. Today, we are better positioned to take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us than ever in our past. I am tremendously proud and privileged to serve as the Chairman of this Group. We embrace a strong foundation of commitment, integrity and excellence and are moving forward into an era of growth and opportunity by looking into the future where obstacles and challenges awaits us.

Our dedication to innovate supports our commitment to be the partner of choice for our clients in all the diversified sectors in which COMMANDER Group is working. It is our goal to be adaptable, be responsive and accountable to our clients to meet their excessive needs. To do so, we will combine our professional skills, our diversity, our team-driven yet practical approach and our relentless pursuit of business objectives with a well-driven knowledge of today's industry. As we look ahead, we want to achieve more trust; a mandatory imperative of business on which our Group foundation is entrusted upon. This is our pledge to our customers and we will honour it. INSHA ALLAH.

With Warm Regards,

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